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PowerTaping Manual, 3rd Edition

New PowerTaping Manual – Fascial Movement Taping

The long-anticipated 3rd edition of RockTape’s PowerTaping Manual has finally been released, and it was definitely worth the wait. Subtitled, “Theories and Practical Applications of Fascial Movement Taping,” the manual again extends the boundaries of kinesiology taping for both rehabilitation and performance enhancement. As with previous versions, the book is separated into sections for rehab […]

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How to Tape an Ankle Sprain with StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape

Instructional Video – How to Tape an Ankle Sprain with StrengthTape

My previous post provided written step-by-step instructions for taping an ankle sprain with the StrengthTape Precut Ankle/Foot Taping Kit. For those of you who are more visual, here is the video. StrengthTape is made by LifeStrength, makers of the hugely popular ionic technology bracelets now worn around the world. StrengthTape is infused with the same […]

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StrengthTape Ankle/Foot Kinesiology Taping Kit

How to Tape a Sprained Ankle with StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape

StrengthTape is a special kinesiology tape that is infused with particles of charged minerals and gemstones. These particles emit negative ions or anions that are absorbed through the skin into the body, where they increase antioxidant activity, protecting cells from free radical damage associated with overuse or injuries. This mechanism enhances the pain-relieving and healing […]

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Kenzo Kaze- Creator of Kinesio Tape and the Kinesio Taping Method

The Kinesio Taping Method – How to Apply Kinesio Tape

Dr. Kenzo Kaze, a Japanese chiropractor, invented Kinesio Tape over 30 years ago. After spending over 2 decades in relative obscurity, the appearance of the tape on several scantily clad athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics led to an explosion in its use around the world. Since then, KinesioTape has become a household word and […]

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Physio Tape

Physio Tape, K Tape, Athletic Tape – What’s the Difference?

Physio Tape and K Tape are different names for the same thing – a colorful therapeutic tape that has revolutionized the world of athletic taping. More commonly known as kinesiology tape, it first appeared on a handful of athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but by the time the 2012 Olympics in London came around, […]

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Li Na wearing SpiderTech Precut Knee Tape

SpiderTech Tape Wins Athlete Endorsements

For a relative newcomer to the kinesiology tape scene, SpiderTech has already earned many endorsements from athletes of all ages and types. From high profile champions such as French Open champion, Li Na, to recreational athletes with overuse injuries, there is a Spider Tech Precut Kinesiology Tape application for every need. And athletes aren’t the […]

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McIlroy Goes the Distance after Injury at PGA Championship

McIlroy Goes the Distance after Injury at PGA Championship with a Little Help from Kinesio Tape

In August, PGA Open champion golfer Rory McIlroy showed the world what he was made of after an early injury that would probably have sidelined most other players. Playing the remainder of the round – a tough feat for an injured golfer – McIlroy demonstrated not only his own physical stamina and personal determination, but […]

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KT Taping for Running

From Runner’s World and KT Tape: Tips and Tools for Injury Prevention and Treatment

What do KT Tape and Runner’s World have in common? Both are excellent resources for helping runners avoid injury when that’s possible and treat it when it isn’t. Running injuries can often prove difficult to prevent – especially when a runner lacks a clear understanding of their cause and is therefore unable to be proactive […]

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Kinesio Taping is a Powerful Adjunct to Physical Therapy

Experts Agree: Kinesio Taping is a Powerful Adjunct to Physical Therapy

Virtually all musculoskeletal problems may benefit from Kinesio taping. Kinesio Tape is becoming more widely recognized as a valuable part of the modern physical therapy program. Physical therapists all over the U.S. have discovered that Kinesio Tape can enhance the effectiveness of physical therapy, while improving the outcome of a wide array of other treatment […]

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