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PowerTaping Manual, 3rd Edition

New PowerTaping Manual – Fascial Movement Taping

The long-anticipated 3rd edition of RockTape’s PowerTaping Manual has finally been released, and it was definitely worth the wait. Subtitled, “Theories and Practical Applications of Fascial Movement Taping,” the manual again extends the boundaries of kinesiology taping for both rehabilitation and performance enhancement. As with previous versions, the book is separated into sections for rehab […]

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RockTape PowerTaping for Crossfit

RockTape Offers PowerTaping Clinic for CrossFit Athletes

Until now, all kinesiology taping education has been directed towards health professionals or others with a background in anatomy and physiology. RockTape is the first kinesiology tape company to offer instruction directly to end users – the athletes. The first clinic of this type has been developed especially for Crossfit athletes, and will be held […]

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Damu Cherry Olympic Sprinter PowerTaping with RockTape

PowerTaping for Athletic Performance with RockTape

PowerTaping is the popular name given to a kinesiology taping technique that’s becoming all the rage in the sports world. And it turns out that a tape called RockTape is the perfect tape to use for it. RockTape, sporting a tighter weave, stronger adhesive and more elasticity than regular kinesiology tape, was designed for greater […]

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