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Kinesiology Tape Application Techniques

Kinesiology Tape – What Makes it Different?

It’s almost impossible to watch a sporting event these days without seeing one or more athletes wearing brightly colored strips of tape in interesting patterns on knees, shoulders, elbows and more. This special tape is called kinesiology tape and it appears to have all but replaced the traditional white sports tape that athletes have relied […]

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Kinesiology Taping DVD's and Instruction Manuals

Learn about Kinesiology Taping – DVD’s and Manuals

The explosive growth in the use of kinesiology tape has created a need for instructional materials for those who want to learn the principles of kinesiology taping as well as application techniques. Consumers need to learn how to apply kinesiology tape for their sports injuries and everyday aches and pains, while health professionals require in-depth […]

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Kinesiology Taping Information Online

Learn About Kinesiology Taping – Online Resources

In the last few years, kinesiology taping has gone from a relatively unknown therapeutic modality to a worldwide phenomenon. The brightly colored tape is now a common sight at international sporting events, recreational activities and even on the street . The ability of kinesiology tape to relieve pain, reduce swelling, activate muscles and enhance recovery […]

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How to Tape an Ankle Sprain with StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape

Instructional Video – How to Tape an Ankle Sprain with StrengthTape

My previous post provided written step-by-step instructions for taping an ankle sprain with the StrengthTape Precut Ankle/Foot Taping Kit. For those of you who are more visual, here is the video. StrengthTape is made by LifeStrength, makers of the hugely popular ionic technology bracelets now worn around the world. StrengthTape is infused with the same […]

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StrengthTape Ankle/Foot Kinesiology Taping Kit

How to Tape a Sprained Ankle with StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape

StrengthTape is a special kinesiology tape that is infused with particles of charged minerals and gemstones. These particles emit negative ions or anions that are absorbed through the skin into the body, where they increase antioxidant activity, protecting cells from free radical damage associated with overuse or injuries. This mechanism enhances the pain-relieving and healing […]

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Kenzo Kaze- Creator of Kinesio Tape and the Kinesio Taping Method

The Kinesio Taping Method – How to Apply Kinesio Tape

Dr. Kenzo Kaze, a Japanese chiropractor, invented Kinesio Tape over 30 years ago. After spending over 2 decades in relative obscurity, the appearance of the tape on several scantily clad athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics led to an explosion in its use around the world. Since then, KinesioTape has become a household word and […]

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Kenzo Kaze Kinesio Tape Inventor

Kinesio Tape Classic or Kinesio Tape FP – What’s the Difference?

Dr. Kenzo Kase introduced Kinesio Tape to the world over 30 years ago. Now known universally, the original Kinesio Tape in beige, black, blue and pink (or red, as the company inexplicably calls it), has stood the test of time and is the best known brand in the industry. Recently, however, competitive products with newer […]

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Kinesio Tex Gold FP Kinesiology Tape with Finger Print Technology

What is Kinesio Tex Gold FP Tape?

Kinesio Tape introduced the first kinesiology tape to the world over 30 years ago. Since then, KinesioTape has gone from a little known alternative treatment to a mainstream therapeutic modality used in clinics and hospitals around the world. As kinesiology taping gained popularity, competitive brands entered the market with innovations such as precut strips, precut […]

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Kinesio Tape Neck Precut Application

Instructional Video – Precut Kinesio Tape Neck Support

The Precut Kinesio Tape Neck application is suitable for use by those with pain and muscle spasms in the neck. It provides light support and pain relief to the neck without restricting movement. It enhances circulation to the injured area, relieving pain, reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process. Each application can be worn for 3-5 days, […]

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How to Apply the Precut Kinesio Tape Neck Application

Neck injuries, whether mild or severe, can lead to incapacitating neck pain and muscle spasms which may impact your ability to go about your daily activities. Sudden onset neck pain can be caused by such seemingly innocuous activities as sitting at the computer for too long, lifting something the wrong way or sleeping in a […]

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