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Physio Tape

Physio Tape, K Tape, Athletic Tape – What’s the Difference?

Physio Tape and K Tape are different names for the same thing – a colorful therapeutic tape that has revolutionized the world of athletic taping. More commonly known as kinesiology tape, it first appeared on a handful of athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but by the time the 2012 Olympics in London came around, […]

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StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape with Negative Ion Technology

StrengthTape – Kinesiology Tape with Ion Technology

Kinesiology tape just got kicked up a notch. The wildly popular therapeutic tape, known for its ability to rapidly relieve pain and inflammation, has gone high tech. New StrengthTape is a top quality kinesiology tape in its own right, but that’s just where it begins. StrengthTape is made by LifeStrength, the company behind the silicone […]

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How to Get Kinesiology Tape to Stick

When Kinesiology Tape Won’t Stick

Although a kinesiology tape application can only be worn once, depending on the brand and format, most kinesiology tape is designed to remain in place and provide therapeutic benefits from 3-7 days. If your tape is not staying on this long, look at the following list of common culprits: . 1. The skin was not […]

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How to Apply Kinesiology Tape

How to Apply Kinesiology Tape – Step 2: Application

Following a few simple tips for applying kinesiology tape can make the difference between a successful application and one that doesn’t product the desired results. My last post described how to prepare the skin and the tape for a successful kinesiology taping application. Now we’re going to look at proper technique for applying the tape […]

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Applying Kinesiology Tape

How to Apply Kinesiology Tape – Step 1: Preparation

“Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” This famous saying applies equally well to  kinesiology taping as to life. In the case of applying kinesiology tape, good performance consists of: (a) achieving the therapeutic goal(s) for the application,  and (b) maximizing the number of days the tape stays on. To achieve these goals, proper preparation of both […]

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Pediatric Kinesiology Taping

Pediatric Kinesiology Taping

Since the Beijing Olympics, kinesiology taping has exploded worldwide. Initially, the growth was in the sports world, but kinesiology taping has now crossed into mainstream medicine, with a huge influx of medical professionals now incorporating it into their treatment protocols. One area where kinesiology taping is experiencing a particularly rapid growth is in the field […]

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Pediatric Kinesiology Tape – Product Reviews

Once thought to be used primarily for sports injuries, the use of kinesiology tape is now adding an exciting new dimension to pediatric physical therapy. Used for conditions involving hypotonia, muscle weakness, improper joint alignment, postural issues and gait abnormalities, kinesiology taping has proved to be an effective adjunct to standard therapy modalities. Because each […]

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Kinesio Precut Wrist Tape

Instructional Video – Precut Kinesio Tape Wrist Support

The Kinesio Precut Wrist Tape can help relieve pain and inflammation from carpal tunnel, wrist strains or sprains, and veruse. It provides light support to the wrist muscles without restricting movement. It enhances circulation to the injured area, relieving pain, reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process. My previous post provided step-by-step instructions for applying […]

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Precut Kinesio Tape for Wrist Pain

How to Apply Kinesio Tape Precut Wrist Tape

Wrist pain can interfere with almost every aspect of daily living, whether from carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, strains or just plain overuse. Individuals with severe wrist pain can find it difficult to write, type, lift and even eat!  Athletes such as tennis players with wrist injuries often have to completely stop training and competing for […]

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Precut KinesioTape Foot

Instructional Video – Precut Kinesio Tape Foot Support

The Kinesio Precut Foot Tape is suitable for use by those with plantar fasciitis, pain in the arch, heel or ball of the foot, swollen feet, or for those who simply need additional arch support. It provides light support to the foot muscles without restricting movement. It enhances circulation to the injured area, relieving pain, […]

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