From Runner’s World and KT Tape: Tips and Tools for Injury Prevention and Treatment

What do KT Tape and Runner’s World have in common? Both are excellent resources for helping runners avoid injury when that’s possible and treat it when it isn’t.

KT Taping for Running

Running injuries can often prove difficult to prevent – especially when a runner lacks a clear understanding of their cause and is therefore unable to be proactive in avoiding them. Learning a few facts about the biomechanics of movement and body alignment can help, as can exercising regularly to strengthen the vulnerable muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments used in running and thereby protect them from the strain that can so easily occur, sometimes even resulting in more serious injury.

Yet, as important as these two factors – learning and exercise – can be to the runner, understanding how to use KT Tape correctly can be equally crucial to providing protection for the body structures that work so hard during running. KT Tape, while encouraging and supporting safe, healthy, and agile movement, can also maximize physical efficiency by promoting the physiological processes that enhance performance.

While KT Tape has created a kinesiology tape that provides practical therapeutic help to runners, has done its part by setting aside a special section of its website to help educate runners in the prevention and treatment of injuries. The section, called “The Runner’s Body: Prevent and treat your injuries,” offers the following resources to runners:

  • Video demonstrations of stretches and exercises designed to strengthen your body and prevent injuries
  • An easy-to-use interactive tool, called “Where Does it Hurt?” which lets you select individual body parts, and then shows how to keep each one healthy
  • Articles on injury prevention and treatment for each body part involved in running: hips and thighs, knees, lower legs, calves and shins, feet and ankles

KT Tape offers the added dimension of helping to promote healing after injury, over-performance, or strain.

The following information about KT Tape comes from the Theratape Education Center:

KT Tape applications work by providing one, or a combination, of the following benefits:

  • Muscle inhibition or facilitation
  • Neuromuscular awareness
  • De-loading of pain receptors
  • Stimulation and facilitation of the lymphatic system
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Proprioceptive support

The specific taping method used during KT Tape application – either by your KT Tape-trained practitioner or by you once you’ve studied the correct taping principles through watching our online videos – will determine whether muscular inhibition or muscular facilitation is achieved. The other protective actions and healing mechanisms found in the above list can all help provide welcome relief, while speeding improvement and helping to keep you going strong or get you back up and running as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Visit “The Runner’s Body” of Runner’s World for the valuable advice it lays out for preventing and treating running-related injuries. Then incorporate that advice into your regular KT Tape routine for maximum preventive, recovery, and performance-enhancing results.

To learn more about the way KT Tape works to help you prevent injury, promote healing, and achieve your best performance, visit “Why KT Tape?” in the TheraTape Education Center.

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