How to Apply Kinesio Tape Precut Back Tape

Back Pain SkeletonAlmost everyone experiences lower back strain at one time or another. For athletes and people with active lifestyles, these injuries often lead to time away from their sports, followed by loss of strength and mobility, requiring prolonged rehabilitation.

One of the reasons Kinesio Tape has become so popular with athletes is because it usually provides enough relief of pain and inflammation to allow an athlete to continue training and competing while recovering from a back injury. The thin, stretchy tape provides comfortable support without restricting range of motion. When applied to the skin over an injury, it interacts with both the nervous system to provide rapid pain relief and the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Kinesio recently released a set of 6 Precut Kinesio Tape applications for different body parts that make Kinesio Taping quick and easy. The Kinesio Precut Back Application includes two black “I” strips that are applied along either side of the spine, and one pink “I” strip to apply directly over the most painful area. Markings on each strip allow it to be customized for different body sizes.

Application Instructions – Kinesio Precut Back Tape

Before applying the Kinesio Precut Back Tape, make sure the area is clean and dry so the adhesive can work properly. Apply Kinesiotape at least an hour before any physical activity.The patient should curl forward to place the lower back muscles in a position of maximum stretch.

Precut Kinesio Tape Preparation
Begin with the longer black I-strips. If necessary, use the cutting guide to trim to size.  Tear the backing along the perforations.
Precut Kinesio Tape Back Application Step 2
Remove the backing from the end of one strip. Apply the base of the tape over the lower end of the painful area on one side of the spine. Continue removing the backing and applying the tape up the back, with no stretch in the tape. Repeat the same process to apply the second black I-strip along the other side of the spine.
Kinesio Tape Precut Back Application Step 4
Take the pink strip and trim to size, if necessary. Tear the backing along the center perforation, and begin removing the backing in both directions to expose the middle portion of the tape. Holding the ends of the tape, apply a slight stretch, then apply the tape horizontally over the most painful area.

Printable Instructions

Most KinesioTape applications can remain in place for 3 to 5 days, providing round the clock support and pain relief.

Watch for my next post, which will present the video application instructions for the Precut Kinesio Tape Back Support.


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