Kinesiology Taping: Value-Added Therapy

Kinesiology taping has taken the chiropractic world by storm. Currently 76% of chiropractors who provide rehabilitation offer kinesiology taping as an adjunct therapy. The May 2011 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic Practice Insights featured an excellent article on the benefits of including kinesiology taping in a chiropractic practice. In “The Therapeutic Taping Method: Genuine Value-Added Therapy,” Dr. Tracy Barnes, DC, presents the value of kinesiology taping from both a patient outcome perspective and a business perspective.

Kinesiology Tape ApplicationBenefits to the patient include:

  • extending the benefit period between visits
  • reduction of pain, muscle hypertonicity and swelling
  • improved range of motion
  • improved function with fewer restrictions
  • increased circulation
  • effective, yet comfortable support of injured tissues

In the US, elastic therapeutic taping is a billable modality and is covered by most insurance providers. Many practices have found it be a lucrative addition addition to their scope of services. Material costs are low, application time is short, and it generates repeat visits and referrals from satisfied patients.

The entire article can be downloaded in the Theratape Health Professional’s Resource Center.

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