KT Tape Edema Pre-cut Strips Make Life Easier for Busy Clinicians

KT Tape Edema Pre-cut Strips Make Life Easier for Busy CliniciansIn late 2010, in response to pleas from busy clinical professionals, the makers of KT Tape introduced a new line of kinesiology tape products designed especially for clinical use. The new line of pre-cut strips included two new sizes (5-inch and 18-inch – in addition to its classic 10-inch KT Tape strips) and even more notably, a brand new concept in kinesiology tape: Edema Pre-cut Strips.

The new edema strips focused specifically on providing quick, easy edema-reduction applications to allow clinicians to treat edema patients much more efficiently than before. Because edema taping applications generally require extra cutting to modify conventional kinesiology tape strips for this specialized use, the custom-designed KT Tape Edema Pre-cut Strips save clinicians considerable time and trouble, allowing them to treat more patients and do so much more conveniently.

Typically, modifying conventional kinesiology tape strips for use in edema patients requires cutting the tape strip into five “arms” to allow for proper positioning of the tape to enhance lymphatic drainage and decrease swelling and inflammation. The impetus for the new tape design came from clinicians who reported to the company that they found this custom cutting to be time-consuming and inconvenient. Since one major benefit of KT Tape pre-cut strips has always been their ease and speed of use, KT Tape developers decided to go back to the drawing board to develop a tape that would meet the needs of clinical professionals by helping them more efficiently meet the needs of their own patients. The result was KT Tape Edema Pre-cut Strips.

Clinicians have expressed appreciation for and even surprise over the company’s responsiveness to their appeals and have enthusiastically embraced the new, more user-friendly KT Tape product.

The final iteration of the KT Tape Edema Pre-cut Strips product resulted from a multi-meeting collaboration between developers and practitioners who provided ongoing feedback based on their clinical taping experiences. In response to that critical feedback, developers modified production and upgraded design strategies accordingly – demonstrating a level of attentiveness to their input that clinicians have found impressive.

About these cooperative efforts, the company states, “At KT Tape, we work closely with our clinicians and Medical Advisory Board to create new products customized to the needs of our consumers – whether weekend warrior or medical professional.”

The Edema KT Tape Pre-cut Strips measure two inches wide and 18 inches long. It contains perforations for easy separation into the five “arms” required for edema-reduction applications. This pre-engineering allows clinicians to apply the tape with precision yet without spending the prep time required for conventional pre-cut strips.

Regarding the tape’s uses, the company states the following: “Medical professionals may also use the Edema Pre-cut Strips for taping techniques such as edema reduction at the knee, shoulder, hamstring, and ankle, hemophilic patient treatment, contusions, and more.”

Whether in the medical field or in other clinical settings, professionals with high patient loads – particularly those with a high percentage of edema cases – should find KT Tape Edema Pre-cut Strips helpful in providing more efficient patient care and making their practices run more smoothly.

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