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Kinesiology Taping Information OnlineIn the last few years, kinesiology taping has gone from a relatively unknown therapeutic modality to a worldwide phenomenon. The brightly colored tape is now a common sight at international sporting events, recreational activities and even on the street . The ability of kinesiology tape to relieve pain, reduce swelling, activate muscles and enhance recovery has made it one of the most sought after products of the decade. Inexpensive and now widely available, kinesiology tape has found its way into the hands of many individuals who don’t know the first thing about applying it.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of information available to help people learn how to apply kinesiology tape. Whether you’re a home user looking to soothe your everyday aches and pains, a weekend warrior dealing with overuse injuries or a health professional considering incorporating kinesiology taping into your practice, there are numerous resources to help you get started. Following are a few good options:

YouTube Kinesiology Taping VideosYouTube: YouTube contains a wealth of short, step-by-step videos showing exactly how to apply kinesiology tape for a wide variety of injuries and health conditions.  Although most recommend a particular brand, the instructions are universal and applicable to any type of tape. The most comprehensive collection of videos is the TapeExpert YouTube channel, managed by Theratape.com, an online supplier of kinesiology tape. The channel contains playlists for each of the major tape brands, as well as for each part of the body.

Theratape Education CenterTheratape Education Center: In addition to their kinesiology tape webstore, Theratape.com also provides the largest online collection of kinesiology taping education. The Theratape Education Center contains a large selection of research studies, information on all of the major kinesiology tape brands, explains the pros and cons of the different types of tape, offers both videos and printable application instructions for a wide range of conditions, and even has a special resource center for health professionals.

Kinesiology Taping on FacebookFacebook: All of the kinesiology tape manufacturers host active Facebook pages with informational posts, interaction with followers and an opportunity to post questions and comments. Start with these:
KT Tape

Kinesiology Taping BlogsBlogs: Blogs are a great source of short, informational posts about kinesiology taping. Here are a few to get you started:

RockTape Blog
SpiderTech Blog
KT Tape Blog


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