McIlroy Goes the Distance after Injury at PGA Championship with a Little Help from Kinesio Tape

In August, PGA Open champion golfer Rory McIlroy showed the world what he was made of after an early injury that would probably have sidelined most other players. Playing the remainder of the round – a tough feat for an injured golfer – McIlroy demonstrated not only his own physical stamina and personal determination, but also the significant difference Kinesio Tape can make to an injured athlete.

McIlroy Goes the Distance after Injury at PGA ChampionshipAfter his unfortunate mishap on the third hole of the first round of the PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club – during which McIlroy clipped an exposed tree root on the downswing to injure his lower right arm and wrist – Rory showed true grit by continuing to play despite the obviously painful injury. A momentary grimace when club and root connected hinted at the gravity of the situation and the golfer’s need for some sort of intervention – such as Kinesio Tape.

Later, as he sported a wrist tightly wrapped with Kinesio Tape, McIlroy admitted that the injury, which turned out to be a strained right-forearm tendon, would likely have caused him to withdraw from a regular tournament. However, since this was a championship, he had far more at stake, and he decided to stay the course with the help of an ice pack, a plastic splint, and Kinesio Tape.

During the remainder of the round, McIlroy executed several unorthodox, nearly one-handed swings as a way of compensating for the injury, sporting KinesioTape on his right wrist in numerous photos taken that day. And while he may not have gone on to win the round, thanks in part to Kinesio Tape and in part to McIlroy’s perseverance and self-discipline, he did make it all the way through and actually managed to pull off an even-par round – both major accomplishments under the circumstances.

This story is great news for other athletes, who, after seeing the results McIlroy was able to achieve with a roll of Kinesio Tape and a touch of determination, may decide to add Kinesio Taping therapy to their own injury treatment protocols to help keep them performing when it really counts. Because continued exercise and movement can further aggravate an injury, other athletes should, like McIlroy, have their injuries checkout out by a qualified practitioner to ensure that they are stable enough for continued competition. In such cases, as McIlroy amply demonstrated, Kinesio Tape can help provide the support they need to finish well.

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