New Kinesiology Taping Fundamentals DVD Describes 50-Plus Taping Techniques

The 90-minute DVD, Kinesiology Taping Fundamentals: A Therapist’s Guide for Treating Pain and Injury with Kinesiology Tape, provides detailed instructions for over 50 different kinesiology tape applications. Consisting of eight “chapters,” each with its own menu of taping techniques, the DVD represents the perfect marriage of the theoretical and practical aspects of kinesiology taping.

Kinesiology Taping Fundamentals DVD

Kinesiology Taping DVD

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The DVD presentation features U.K. physiotherapist Paul Coker, who offers a thorough background on kinesiology taping theory before moving on to demonstrate some 50-odd taping techniques that are useful for injury management and rehabilitation. Even therapists who use precut kinesiology tape in their practices will benefit from the theoretical background they’ll receive by viewing this presentation. And those therapists who may be ready to graduate from precut kinesiology tape to conventional roll tape will certainly benefit from the techniques clearly demonstrated on the DVD.

Because the DVD is divided into chapters, finding the instructions for each of the various conditions one might need to tape for is quick, easy, and intuitive – almost as quick and easy as locating the instructions for using a precut kinesiology tape pre-engineered application (which are right in the package). The therapist need not engage in a frustrating search through the entire DVD to locate a technique but can simply skim the eight chapters to find the appropriate one and then select the correct condition from the chapter’s menu to access the needed technique.

The Kinesiology Taping Fundamentals DVD Preview video, found on the TheraTape YouTube channel, provides a sneak peek at exactly what the DVD has to offer. Introduced by the presenter, Chartered physiotherapist Paul Coker, MSc, BSc, the preview video provides an overview of the content therapists can expect from the full-length presentation.

Kinesiology tape (including roll tape and precut kinesiology tape varieties) has become a popular and versatile modality for treating a wide range of clinical and sub-clinical issues in athletes and non-athletes alike. And while many people prefer to do their own taping, depending on precut kinesiology tape to make that easier to do correctly, many would rather have a knowledgeable expert such as a trainer or physical therapist do the job for them, based on established kinesiology principles. This is one reason physical therapists may want to consider acquiring a copy of the Kinesiology Taping Fundamentals DVD. The presentation can provide a valuable background whether the therapist typically uses precut kinesiology tape or conventional roll tape – or a combination of the two – in his/her practice on a daily basis.

Most therapists would agree that, without proper training, applying roll tape to a wide variety of body parts can be challenging. And, while precut kinesiology tape does make taping quicker, easier, and more convenient, using roll tape usually offers greater versatility. At the same time, roll tape also demands a more thorough understanding of taping theory, as well as a number of other, more specific skills that precut kinesiology tape rarely, if ever, requires. Having a secure theoretical foundation on which to build their taping practice can help give therapists the same degree of confidence with conventional kinesiology tape that they would naturally tend to have with the step-by-step, easy-to-use precut kinesiology tape strips and precut kinesiology tape applications they may currently be using.

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