New Stars and Bars RockTape Design Inspires 2012 Olympic Hopefuls

The newest variety of RockTape kinesiology tape – aptly named Stars and Bars – is inspiring 2012 Olympic hopefuls to keep working hard to earn the opportunity to “Go for the Gold” at next year’s London Olympic Games. Stars and Bars, created specifically for athletes who have their eye on the 2012 Olympics, is a bold new design in kinesiology tape. Light blue stars surrounded by red and white bars, strewn across a navy background, combine to create a design that’s just stirring enough to provide the morale boost athletes need to help them stay focused on their aspirations of making the Olympic team. 

RockTape 2012 Stars & Bars Kinesiology Tape2008 Olympic hurdler, Damu Cherry, no doubt speaks for many other athletes when she says that the 2012 version of RockTape serves as a reminder of her goals and dreams. Admitting that “it can be difficult to stay focused on the goal of making the team,” Cherry nevertheless radiates the inspiration and enthusiasm she’s drawn from the Olympic-themed tape. 

Aside from the new 2012 Stars and Bars pattern, Rock Tape comes in a variety of other colors and prints, for those who prefer a non-Olympic-themed design – or no design at all.

RockTape is made from 97% cotton reinforced with 6/12 nylon for strength, durability, support, and stretch, and is designed using the RockTape exclusive Active Recovery (AR) technology. This technology not only brings relief and support to sore or injured muscles; it also helps facilitate the body’s healing response, while enhancing athletic performance, increasing endurance, and minimizing the likelihood of re-injury. By lifting the skin away from the muscle and promoting blood flow, RockTape increases oxygenation of muscles and helps clear lactic acid – a process which makes it one of the most effective athletic tapes on the market.

Catherine Cheatley, 2008 Olympic cyclist and member of the New Zealand Women’s Road Cycling and Colavita/Forno D’Asolo Professional Cycling teams, has only good things to say about this popular variety of kinesiology tape. First introduced to Rock Tape by a chiropractor in the US after being forced to withdraw from the Tour of Gila due to a hamstring injury, Cheatley says, “RockTape assisted my recovery – reduced the amount of time I spent off the bike. From the results I have had, I would strongly recommend using RockTape.”

As one of New Zealand’s – and the world’s – top cyclists, Cheatley is a likely contender for a spot on the 2012 Olympic cycling team. And (provided she recovers from her recent pelvic fracture in time for the event) she’ll no doubt be sporting Stars and Bars when she gets there.

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