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Infant Kinesiology TapingOnce thought to be used primarily for sports injuries, the use of kinesiology tape is now adding an exciting new dimension to pediatric physical therapy. Used for conditions involving hypotonia, muscle weakness, improper joint alignment, postural issues and gait abnormalities, kinesiology taping has proved to be an effective adjunct to standard therapy modalities. Because each application of elastic therapeutic tape is worn for multiple days, taping can extend the benefits of therapy sessions long after the patient has returned home.

As the scope of kinesiology taping has expanded, so has the development of specialized types of tape for specific populations. There are now several products that are ideal for pediatric kinesiology taping.

1. PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology Tape

PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology TapeA relative newcomer to the kinesiology taping market, PerformTex has established itself as a provider of quality kinesiology taping products at very reasonable prices. Perform Tex recently introduced the industry’s first pediatric kinesiology tape. Affectionately known as “Monkey Tape” because of its cute pattern with monkeys and flowers, PerformTex Pediatric Tape has a special adhesive that is gentle enough for pain-free tape removal, yet strong enough to handle everything an active small patient can throw at it. Each 2″ x 16′ roll contains enough tape for 10-12 pediatric applications, making this tape a bargain at only $8 per roll.

2. SpiderTech Gentle Kinesiology Tape

SpiderTech Gentle Adhesive vs Regular AdhesiveSpiderTech, leader in precut kinesiology tape, offers a complete line of products designed especially for sensitive or fragile skin. Rather than being applied to the tape in a wave pattern that can irritate sensitive skin and hair follicles, SpiderTech’s patented Stratagel adhesive completely covers the back of the tape, providing a smooth, non-irritating surface.

Spider Tech Gentle kinesiology tape has been shown to greatly reduce the number of skin cells lost when tape is removed. SpiderTech Gentle comes in 2″ x 16′ single rolls and 2″ x 105′ bulk rolls.

3. SpiderTech PowerStrips

SpiderTech PowerStrips Precut Kinesiology Tape X, Y and I StripsSpiderTech also offers 3 different types of  precut kinesiology tape strips, allowing many applications to be completed with no measuring or cutting. Rounded corners and machine cut edges allow these pre-cut strips to remain in place longer with less fraying and lifting of the edges. Although not designed specifically for the pediatric population, SpiderTech PowerStrips are ideal for infants and children because of their smaller size. The precut I-Strips are 1″ x 6″, while the Y-Strips and X-Strips are 2″ x 8″. All PowerStrips come in SpiderTech’s standard 4 colors with regular adhesive, as well as the Spider Tech Gentle adhesive.

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