Pediatric Kinesiology Taping

Pediatric Kinesiology TapingSince the Beijing Olympics, kinesiology taping has exploded worldwide. Initially, the growth was in the sports world, but kinesiology taping has now crossed into mainstream medicine, with a huge influx of medical professionals now incorporating it into their treatment protocols. One area where kinesiology taping is experiencing a particularly rapid growth is in the field of pediatrics.

Our youngest therapy patients are not able to understand and follow verbal instructions for rehabilitation exercises. Likewise, they don’t care that persevering through tedious, tiring and/or painful therapy will benefit them in the long run. It should come as not surprise, then, that a modality that is painless, passive and able to extend therapeutic benefits for days after each visit is taking the world of pediatric therapy by storm.

Best known for its ability to rapidly relieve pain and swelling, kinesiology taping has numerous other benefits that make it an ideal modality for many debilitating conditions of infancy and childhood. Depending on the application technique, kinesiology tape can activate weak or injured muscles, inhibit overactive muscles and assist with corrective biomechanical alignment. PerformTex has recently introduced a special pediatric kinesiology tape with a gentler adhesive suitable for children’s sensitive skin. This allows most applications to be worn from 3-7 days, augmenting and extending the benefits of other therapeutic modalities for the entire time it is worn.

Infants and children with developmental delays, central nervous system dysfunction, brain injury, movement disorders and more can benefit from the ongoing use of kinesiology tape. Specific conditions that have responded positively to kinesiology taping include toe hypotonia, toe clawing, joint hypermobility, hemiplegia, brachial plexus injury and torticollis. Conditions involving low muscle tone can be taped to activate weak muscles as well as assist with postural control.

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