PerformTex: The New Kinesiology Tape on the Block Holds its Own Against the Big Guys

PerformTex kinesiology tapePerformTex kinesiology tape, the latest offering in the K-tape arena, is already receiving rave reviews. Called PTex for short, PerformTex Tape offers the same features as the leading brands, with a few extras thrown in for good measure – and it does so at a considerably lower cost than other kinesiology tapes.
PTex Tape shares the following features with other popular kinesiology tape brands:

  • It’s 100% cotton.
  • It contains no latex.
  • Its medical-grade acrylic adhesive is heat-activated and hypoallergenic.
  • It can be worn for 3-5 days.

Two design elements that make PerformTex stand out from the crowd are its patented, twin-groove design, which provides superior “wicking” of moisture and perspiration and lets the skin “breathe,” and its “opposing sine wave ‘pressure diamond’ pattern” on the adhesive side of the tape, which, by creating pressure variations, enhances penetration of the tape’s healing benefits into the superficial and the deeper layers of the fascia, contributing to greater pain relief.

One clear advantage of PerformTex kinesiology tape is cost. At $8-$9 per roll, PerformTex sells for less than half the price of other popular kinesiology tape brands, making cost a significant positive factor on the tape’s balance sheet of pluses and minuses.

The only disadvantages of PerformTex Tape at this point appear to be its limited availability (a factor which will likely change once this new player on the kinesiology tape scene becomes more widely known) and its limited range of color choices compared to the wide variety of colors and patterns that most other brands offer. PerformTex is currently available in only three solid colors: Jet Black, Titanium (grey), and Speed Green.PerformTex does the following

Like other brands of kinesiology tape, PerformTex does the following:

  • It supports joints and muscles.
  • It decreases inflammation and swelling.
  • It relieves pain.
  • It increases endurance.
  • It promotes healing and speeds recovery after heavy exercise.
  • It helps athletes avoid overuse injuries by discouraging over-contraction of muscles.

When PerformTex rolled out its new PTex kinesiology tape, the tape became part of its current lineup of performance-enhancing products – a lineup which includes textured EVA foam rollers designed for “self-myofascial release and massage therapy,” textured TPE yoga mats, and hologram-powered performance bracelets. In conjunction with the release of its new PerformTex Tape line, the company has also begun offering its own FTO scissors, designed for extra precise cutting of PerformTex Tape.

Like other kinesiology tapes, PerformTex stands up to an intense workout – and it does so without making much of a dent in the athlete’s pocketbook. No doubt many on the sports scene will be interested to see how long this happy combination can last.

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