Precut Kinesiology Tape Offers Numerous Advantages

Precut kinesiology tape is an easy-to-use athletic tape that comes in two types:

  1. Individually wrapped, single-use applications which are molded into a variety of shapes, each of which is designed for a specific body part.
  2. Precut kinesiology tape strips, which, like regular kinesiology tape, come on a roll yet are already cut into single-use applications, many of which are serrated to allow the option of using them in either an I or Y configuration.

MicroFET2 Testing ProcedureBecause measuring and cutting aren’t necessary with this specialized tape application, both types of precut kinesiology tape offer experienced and inexperienced users a quick, easy method of therapeutic taping. Whether the goal of taping is muscular support, pain relief, reduction of swelling or edema, injury recovery, or performance enhancement, precut kinesiology tape can play a key role in speeding up the process with a minimum of hassle.

A recent study on the effect of kinesiology taping on the muscular strength of the forearm extensors of collegiate tennis players, which used a Y-shaped precut kinesiology tape strip “and no tape intervention,” concluded the following:

“Our research indicates that KT, when applied to healthy collegiate tennis athletes, is associated with less of a decrease in muscular strength than that seen in a ‘no tape’ condition.”

The study went on to state the following about the precut kinesiology tape used in the research:

“Kinesio Tape, when applied to healthy (collegiate) tennis players, helps to maintain the strength of the forearm extensors. The reasons for this improvement may be related to physiological mechanisms by which KT is presumed to have a therapeutic benefit: 1) gather fascia to align the tissue in its desired position, 2) lift the skin over areas of inflammation, pain, and edema, 3) increase stimulation of the mechanoreceptors to either stimulate or limit movement, 4) provide a positional stimulus to the skin, and 5) decrease pressure over the lymphatic channels that provide a path for the removal of exudates.”

While the precise physiological mechanisms by which both rolls and precut kinesiology tape achieves its results may not yet be fully understood, many athletes have benefited from using the tape and enjoyed the ease of use that precut kinesiology tape provides.

The following are some of the main advantages of precut kinesiology tape:

No Training Required: Precut kinesiology tape comes with a set of illustrated step-by-step instructions to help guide even the most inexperienced user in proper tape application. Videos are also available which demonstrate the process.

Easy Application: No measuring, cutting, or designing required. Simply select the right product, remove the tape backing, and apply.

Quick: Precut kinesiology tape reduces application time by as much as 80% over designing, measuring, cutting, and applying standard kinesiology tape rolls.

Convenient: Individually packaged single-use varieties are light and easy to carry, as are the precut strips, which can be removed from the roll ahead of time for easier and less-bulky transport.

The Effect of Kinesio Tex Tape on Muscular Strength of the Forearm Extensors on Collegiate Tennis Athletes

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For further information on the above study using precut kinesiology tape strips, visit this link: The Effect of Kinesio Tex Tape on Muscular Strength of the Forearm Extensors on Collegiate Tennis Athletes.

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