Rock Sauce Adds a Powerful New Dimension to RockTape Therapy

In December, 2010, RockTape introduced a new pain-relief product for athletes, called Rock Sauce. The product is a high-powered combination of muscle and joint pain fighters that’s designed to provide maximum pain relief for “athletes competing at the highest levels.”

According to a December 5th post on the RockTape blog, most over-the-counter pain relievers on the market today use either menthol “to provide a cooling effect” or counterirritants such as methyl salicylate “to create a warming sensation.” The company mentions Absorbine Jr. (which contains 2.5% menthol) as an example of the first and Ben Gay (with 15% methyl salicylate) as an example of the second. Some natural pain-relief products also include capsaicin, which Rock Sauce also contains and which the blog post describes as “a natural heating agent found in chili peppers.”

Rock Sauce Adds a Powerful New Dimension to RockTape Therapy

According to RockTape, there are basically two differences between Rock Sauce and most other pain-relief products:

  1. The Rock Sauce formulation contains all three of the above active ingredients – rather than just one or two – combining the pain-relief properties of liniments (cooling agents) with those of counterirritants (warming agents) and thus presumably packing a more powerful pain-fighting punch.
  2. Rock Sauce also boasts higher levels of the two active ingredients in the topical pain-relief products named above. Compared to Absorbine Jr’s. 2.5% menthol content, the RockTape brand contains 10%, or four times as much. Compared to Ben Gay’s 15% methyl salicylate content, Rock Sauce contains 20%, or one-third more.

Rock Sauce FactsRockTape has created a powerful pain-relief product that combines the most effective ingredients discovered by science into a single pain-fighting formula. And while other products are available which contain as much or more of one or two of the above active ingredients – such as Icy Hot, which, like Rock Sauce, contains 10% menthol while also boasting 1-1/2 times as much methyl salicylate as the Rock Sauce formulation, at a whopping 30% – it would appear that most other products don’t include all three active ingredients, as Rock Sauce does.

While Rock Sauce can be used with or without RockTape, the product’s effectiveness can be further enhanced by using it in conjunction with a complementary RockTape application. As the above post states, “Rock Sauce is designed to be used alone or along with the company’s flagship product, Rocktape, a unique kinesiology tape which can also be used to treat sore and aching muscles or common sports injuries.”

The post goes on to say that sports practitioners and medical professionals can also use Rock Sauce in conjunction with other treatment modalities, such as “ultrasound, deep tissue massage, TENs* [sic] and laser to create a more unique and effective treatment plan for their patients.” It would seem to go without saying, then, that adding RockTape to the above dual-treatment regimen might still further enhance the therapeutic mix, creating a three-way therapy consisting of Rock Sauce, RockTape, and another appropriate treatment modality which, together, could prove even more effective than the two-way treatment combination.

More About Rock Sauce – from TheraTape

The First Liniment Developed for use with Kinesiology Tape!

Now you don’t need to remove your tape to get the extra benefit of a topical pain reliever. RockSauce is a powerful analgesic liniment that can penetrate right through kinesiology tape.

Rock Sauce contains a powerful formulation of 20% methyl salicylate, 10% menthol and .3% capsicum – the maximum amount allowed in non-prescription products. It was also carefully formulated to comply with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) guidelines, making it both safe and effective for athletes of the highest caliber.

The first thing you feel after applying Rock Sauce is a cooling sensation, followed by an increasing warmth that penetrates deeply into aching muscles. Its non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, providing rapid relief to painful muscles and joints.

* Should read “TENS” (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

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