RockTape Makes Believers Out of Many Skeptics

RockTape Makes Believers Out of Many SkepticsRockTape reviews abound online, with many reviewers starting out as skeptics and later expressing surprise and pleasure at the unexpected results of their RockTape experimentation. One such review, posted at Joe The, describes the writer’s initial skepticism and explains his changed attitude toward the tape:

“As I was transitioning to forefoot running I found my calves to be in a constant state of agony (a very normal side effect to learning a new running style) … I happened to stop by a local running store as the Rock Tape rep was in doing staff training and I immediately agreed to be a guinea pig. He taped my calves up with some freebie strips and … I have loved the stuff (ever) since.”

Joe The Runner goes on to share an example that illustrates the difference RockTape has made to him as an athlete: “My most recent success was using the tape to help me get over a flared up Achilles tendon, an injury that will pretty much keep you grounded until it subsides. With some help from the tape, some ice, and some very easy running I was able to get it under control in about a week. Last time this happened to me it took almost three times that long to heal.”

Another reviewer, a self-described, “injury-prone” runner, echoes the first reviewer’s sentiments toward RockTape: “Truth be told, I was quite skeptical about this product … I was just waiting for the pain. Waiting … waiting … waiting … When I reached the finish line, there was no urgency to reach for pain meds, ice or a foam roller … Naturally, my legs were fatigued, but the annoying, pinching pain in my knees that eventually snowballs into debilitating pain was MIA.” She ends by calling RockTape the “8th wonder of the world.”

At Cort the Sport, the reviewer shares the following story: “I tripped and fell at the Brush Mountain Breakdown sustaining a bruised hip and knee and I was just three weeks out from my first marathon in Richmond … At Runabout Sports, I was given a roll of Rock Tape to try …. With the tape applied in its stretched state, it created a comfortable tension on the knee, giving the sensation of mild support and counter-pressure.”

His conclusion? “I can’t say for sure what it does or how it does it, but at this point, I am still using the RockTape on my runs and will continue to do so.” His massage therapist is “very much in favor of it,” and he therefore states, “I will definitely add Rock Tape to my arsenal of tools to keep me running.”

While Jess Underhill’s praise for RockTape is slightly more subdued, she says that the tape “helps with compression or decompression to aid in recovery or alleviate symptoms of an injury or muscle imbalance.” She adds that it takes work to heal injuries or correct muscle imbalances. While she isn’t convinced that RockTape will “heal” an injury, she does believe it can play a valuable role in the “everyday athlete’s” rehabilitation plan.

Many previously skeptical athletes are discovering that RockTape can help their injuries heal faster while enabling them to comfortably power through their athletic workouts and perform better during competitions.

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