RockTape Offers PowerTaping Clinic for CrossFit Athletes

PowerTaping for CrossfitUntil now, all kinesiology taping education has been directed towards health professionals or others with a background in anatomy and physiology. RockTape is the first kinesiology tape company to offer instruction directly to end users – the athletes.

The first clinic of this type has been developed especially for Crossfit athletes, and will be held in Seattle on Feb 18th, 2012, from 10 am – 2 pm. Here’s what RockTape has to say about it:

Rocktape can be used to manage fluids like blood and lymph to help mitigate fatigue and swelling….something that Crossfiters know about all too well. It can be used to enforce proper form during exercise by creating a proprioceptive loop that ensures your ‘ass touches the grass’ during your squats or that you don’t blow up on the next Fran.

PowerTaping ApplicationPowerTaping is a unique kinesiology taping protocol developed especially for use with Rock Tape. PowerTaping can be used either therapeutically to speed recovery from injuries, or dynamically to enhance athletic performance. The RockTape PowerTaping Manual is a 117 page guide to all aspects of Power Taping for both therapeutic purposes and athletic performance enhancement. Over 70 color photographs demonstrate techniques in 5 key areas: (1) Rehabilitation, (2) Edema Control, (3) Postural Control, (4) Pregnancy, (5) Sports Performance.

The Seattle clinic will be taught by Dr. Justin Brink, Director of Education for RockTape, and will focus on taping to combat fatigue, improve performance and maintain form during Crossfit activities. Following are the course details and agenda:

PowerTaping for CrossfitLocation: SODO Crossfit, 2920 6th Ave, Seattle WA. 206-932-7943

Time: 10 am – 2 pm

Cost: Before Feb 1st – $50. After Feb 1st – $75.

10-11 Introduction / Course Outline / RockTape Overview

11-12 Lab – Upper Power Chain (hands, shoulders, lats, back, torso)

12-1 – Break

1-2 Lab – Lower Power Chain (feet, calves, knees, quads, hamstrings)

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