SpiderTech Tape Wins Athlete Endorsements

Li Na wearing SpiderTech Precut Knee TapeFor a relative newcomer to the kinesiology tape scene, SpiderTech has already earned many endorsements from athletes of all ages and types. From high profile champions such as French Open champion, Li Na, to recreational athletes with overuse injuries, there is a Spider Tech Precut Kinesiology Tape application for every need. And athletes aren’t the only ones singing the praises of SpiderTech. Therapists also love the results they get when using it on their patients – and often even on themselves.

SpiderTech has published numerous testimonials on their website, with special sections devoted to champions, masters athletes, volleyball, surfing, Ironman/triathlon, martial arts/boxing/wrestling, cycling and therapists. Among the benefits listed in these testimonials are:

SpiderTech Precut Kinesiology Tape Applications• Support for strained muscles

• Protection after injury

• Durability despite moisture and rough activity

• Decreased pain after injury

• Reduction of edema and swelling

• Increased flexibility and range of motion

• Accelerated healing

• Reduced soreness and swelling

• Injury prevention

• Improved postural stabilization and alignment

• Increased speed and strength

• Faster muscle recovery during competition

Pro triathlete, Mary Miller, says she has found that the SpiderTech Precut Hip and Lower Back Spiders significantly improve core stabilization, hip alignment, and posture, while also enhancing gluteal activation, leading to improved performance. “SpiderTech has become an essential part of my training and racing regime,” Miller says. She sums up by saying that SpiderTech Tape “is for anyone who is looking for pain reduction, injury prevention, and especially … performance enhancement.”

Elite Masters Cyclist Antony Galvan, who also holds a degree in kinesiology, states that he is “doubly convinced (of) the efficacy of SpiderTech’s technology” after winning the Manhattan Beach (CA) Grand Prix for the fourth year in a row and qualifying as California State Criterium Champion for the second year in a row. He goes so far as to credit SpiderTech Tape with “the recovery and stability” that were unquestionably his secret to success this year.

World Time Trial Champion and 2008 Olympian Amber Neben has been using Spider Tech since seriously injuring her shoulder in a crash at the Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) last year. She used the tape to keep her dislocated shoulder in alignment, improve her range of motion and reduce the pain from her injury. Despite the seriousness of her injury, she was able to continue training as she recovered. Neben says, “With the SpiderTech Tape applied … the pain I typically feel on the bike and in my daily activities is basically gone.”

SpiderTech Precut Kinesiology Tape isn’t just good for professionals and serious athletes, though. Amateur and recreational athletes benefit especially from the added convenience of the pre-engineered SpiderTech applications. Perhaps even more than the pros, who generally have trainers to do their taping for them, non-pros like the applications because they are designed to make taping specific body parts quick and easy. This allows even people who don’t have access to professional taping services to enjoy the benefits of SpiderTech Tape.

SpiderTech Precut Kinesiology Tape is available in 16 different applications, including ankle, calf, elbow, knee, lower back, upper back, shoulder, neck, wrist, groin, hamstring, hip and three sizes of lymphatic applications. Both consumers and health professionals can buy Spider Tech products at Theratape.com, an online kinesiology tape specialty retailer.

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