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Kinesiology Taping Information Online

Learn About Kinesiology Taping – Online Resources

In the last few years, kinesiology taping has gone from a relatively unknown therapeutic modality to a worldwide phenomenon. The brightly colored tape is now a common sight at international sporting events, recreational activities and even on the street . The ability of kinesiology tape to relieve pain, reduce swelling, activate muscles and enhance recovery […]

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StrengthTape Ankle/Foot Kinesiology Taping Kit

How to Tape a Sprained Ankle with StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape

StrengthTape is a special kinesiology tape that is infused with particles of charged minerals and gemstones. These particles emit negative ions or anions that are absorbed through the skin into the body, where they increase antioxidant activity, protecting cells from free radical damage associated with overuse or injuries. This mechanism enhances the pain-relieving and healing […]

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New, Improved KT Tape Videos Coming Soon

As 2012 begins, KT Tape is saying “out with the old and in with the new.” The company’s first major undertaking for 2012 is a complete overhaul of its extensive collection of taping application videos and written instructions. In addition to 11 totally new KT Tape applications, they will also be revising and upgrading many […]

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