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Kenzo Kaze Kinesio Tape Inventor

Kinesio Tape Classic or Kinesio Tape FP – What’s the Difference?

Dr. Kenzo Kase introduced Kinesio Tape to the world over 30 years ago. Now known universally, the original Kinesio Tape in beige, black, blue and pink (or red, as the company inexplicably calls it), has stood the test of time and is the best known brand in the industry. Recently, however, competitive products with newer […]

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How to Apply the Precut Kinesio Tape Neck Application

Neck injuries, whether mild or severe, can lead to incapacitating neck pain and muscle spasms which may impact your ability to go about your daily activities. Sudden onset neck pain can be caused by such seemingly innocuous activities as sitting at the computer for too long, lifting something the wrong way or sleeping in a […]

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Kinesio Tape on Shoulder

Kinesio Tape Benefits Receive Widespread Press

Sports, fitness, business and news magazines, as well as health-related websites, are all reporting the benefits of kinesiology tape for sports injuries. Publications such as Runner’s World, New Mexico Business Weekly, and UK-based Athletics Weekly, have all run articles on kinesiology tape, a sports tape that research shows differs from standard athletic tape in several […]

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