The KT Tape Story

the kt tape storyKT Tape could be called the “user friendly” product line in the kinesiology taping field. Developed especially for consumer use, it is the only kinesiology tape available in rolls of tear-off, precut strips. Each 16′ roll consists of 20 individual strips (each 10″ long) that can be applied in two different configurations.

The most common configuration is the “I” strip, which only requires removing the backing and applying the tape. The I strip is usually placed directly over an injured muscle or joint. Each strip is also perforated longitudinally, from one end almost to the other end. When the tape is separated at this perforation, it can be applied as a “Y” strip, which is typically placed around the boundaries of an injured muscle or joint. These two configurations are used for 80% of all kinesiology taping applications, making KT Tape precut strips both convenient and easy to use.

In addition to it’s user-friendly design features, KT Tape goes above and beyond to provide consumer-level education in the form of 50+  printable instruction pages and instructional videos for a wide variety of injuries and health conditions.

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