Top Teams and Athletes Partner with RockTape in 2011/2012

RockTape has teamed up with several top-ranked teams/athletes for the 2011/2012 sports season. Among the teams and individual athletes included in the lineup are Garmin-Cervélo Cycling Team, Saracens Rugby Club, and cross-country skier/racer Emily Sarsfield.

One of the latest team-ups occurred in mid-March, when the company announced its sponsorship of the Garmin-Cervélo Pro Cycling Team after entering into a “strategic supply agreement” with Slipstream Sports to create a custom-designed RockTape featuring the team’s signature argyle pattern. It was a happy union on both sides.

Top Teams and Athletes Partner with RockTape

On March 17, 2011, a press release posted in various online sports venues quoted Jonathan Vaughters, Slipstream CEO, expressing his enthusiasm about the team-up, “Our medical team has extensive experience treating some of the best athletes in the world and Rocktape’s reputation for making kinesiology tape capable of withstanding extreme competition and conditions is exactly what our doctors and athletes need. And we’re equally psyched that Rocktape has developed a tape in our team colors.”

The company was equally enthusiastic. The press release continued: “‘Team Garmin-Cervélo is simply the best pro cycling team in the world right now’ added Greg van den Dries, CEO of Rocktape…We’re honored to be in such great company.’”

Along with its trademark-patterned version of RockTape, Garmin-Cervélo expressed its intention to use the PowerTaping Method to ensure proper form among its cyclists. The signature tape went on sale in early May and is available on the Garmin-Cervélo website and via RockTape’s vast network of medical professionals and sports retailers.

Skier Sarsfield recently echoed Garmin-Cervélo’s enthusiasm. In a July 6th blog post, she expressed how pleased and proud she felt to announce RockTape as her new sponsor, adding that the company would be providing all her kinesiology tape for the 2011/2012 season. She wrote, “Using ROCKTAPE my recovery following races will be aided and my chance of injury during races reduced with the correct support in place.” She also plans to use the company’s Power Taping method to “increase athletic performance by reinforcing proper form.”

On June 21st, Saracens Rugby Club also announced its partnership with the popular kinesiology tape manufacturer, prompting the following statement from RockTape medical director Barry Spencer: “Saracens are the stand out club in the premiership and look set for a period of sustained success. We are thrilled to be working with such a professional organisation.” Like the other athletes who will benefit from these strategic sponsorships, the Saracens team also plans to use the company’s official RockTape PowerTaping Method.

Like many sports teams and athletes before them, the three above will undoubtedly benefit from RockTape’s exclusive Active Recovery (AR) technology, which relieves muscle soreness, helps prevent and treat various sports injuries, and significantly decreases recovery time. These factors alone should help make their 2011/2012 sports season that much better!

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