Understanding the 12 Principles of SpiderTech Tape Application

Proper application of kinesiology tape is essential for effective results. The experts at SpiderTech Tape have compiled a list of application tips called the 12 Principles of SpiderTech Tape Application. By following these principles as well as the step-by-step application instructions included in each package of precut kinesiology tape, the Spider Tech applications should work as intended. 

The 12 Principles of Spider Tech Tape Application 

SpiderTech Shoulder Tape Application1. Prepare the skin. Make sure the area where the tape will be applied is clean, dry, and free from oils and hair so the tape will adhere to the skin.

2. Consider the condition of the skin. Broken, sunburned, or otherwise damaged skin makes a poor site for SpiderTech Tape application. If in doubt, test a small area, removing the tape immediately if sensitivity (i.e. itching, irritation) occurs.

3. Apply the tape approximately one hour before bathing or exercising. This will ensure that the moisture from perspiration or water will not interfere with adhesion.

4. Avoid rubbing the tape during bathing, and gently pat it dry after bathing. While waterproof and breathable, for best results, SpiderTech Tape should not be handled too roughly around water.

5. Plan to wear SpiderTech Tape no longer than five days.

SpiderTech Tape Hand Application6. Apply Section 1 (the base), along with the beginning and ending portion of each of the other numbered tape sections (about 1-2 inches), without stretching either the tape or the muscle.

7. Avoid touching the adhesive backing while applying SpiderTech Tape, as oils from your hands will interfere with proper adhesion and possibly cause premature peeling.

8. Gradually peel back the paper backing while attaching small portions of the tape to the skin, one segment at a time. Once 90% of the tape has been applied, tear off the remainder of the backing.

9. Rub gently along the top of each section of SpiderTech Tape as you apply it, rubbing in the same direction in which the tape is being applied, to set and activate the adhesive. Make sure each section is properly applied before applying the next section.

Spider Tech Ankle Tape Application10. To use the Sensory Application Method, apply Section 1 (the base), as normal, without stretching tape or muscle. Then, stretch the muscle but not the tape while applying the remaining sections.

11. To use the Structural Application Method, apply Section 1 (the base), as normal, without stretching tape or muscle. Then, stretch the tape but not the muscle while applying the remaining sections.

12. Remove SpiderTech Tape five days after application. Either stretch the skin under the tape and roll the tape gently off the skin or press your index finger down on the tape, sliding it along just in front of the area where the tape is being removed. Be sure the tape is dry during removal, and remove in the direction of hair growth.

Following these 12 principles will give you the best results from your SpiderTech Tape.

For a demonstration, watch the 12 Principles Video.

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